Going on a Bear Hunt

Last night Beth had Ballet again. We got there a little early. The teacher had some music playing. One of the songs is called Going on a Bear Hunt. (None of these versions in the link is exactly the version she has, but the words are the same.) Anyway… This song came on and Beth started doing the actions that go along with it. Then the other two girls started doing it with her. The teacher was just sitting and watching. Made me realize that even with all her playing around during class, something is sinking in because she knew exactly what to do for each part.

We got the book for next session and they changed the age limit on the class from 2-4 to 3-4. But the teacher said that since she’ll turn 3 during the class I can sign her up again. They also shortened the class to 30 minutes instead of 45, which I think is a good call. 45 minutes is a bit long for this age group. Of course, depending on what activity Alex wants to do in the Jan-Feb session, Beth might end up in the Sat class at a different location with a different teacher. But it’s still only a 35 minute class at that location as well.

5 thoughts on “Going on a Bear Hunt

  1. Going on a bear hunt is a favorite at Head Start. We performed it for our end of year program. There are alot of motions to remember. Good for Beth.

  2. It’s cute that she is the one that started everyone dancing.
    Jennie’s nursery school teacher pointed out that even though Jennie was rolling around on the floor and doing sumersaults during story time, she always had the answers to the questions. Maybe they both learn by osmosis.

  3. Possibly. But since the Y won’t allow me to make a video, first I have to find the version of the song that she has and do it at home. But I can’t seem to find her version. I plan to ask her on Monday where she got it.