Thankgiving dinner

While the Packers were beating the Loins, and the turkey was sitting in the brine, we stopped for lunch at some point. I told Alex he should think about what he is thankful for, because we would talk about it at Thanksgiving Dinner. I also mentioned that he should be on his best behavior, because this is an important holiday dinner. We got one out of two, which isn’t too bad.

So, after the turkey was roasted, and all of the good food was put onto the table, I asked Alex what he was thankful for.

Alex said, “I’m thankful for Grandma and Grampa.”

“And Momma, and Daddy.”

“And Beth.”

“And Jenna.”

Any water works yet, Grandma and Grampa?

5 thoughts on “Thankgiving dinner

  1. Yes, definitely waterworks.
    We also disavow any knowledge of bribery towards any and all Grandchildren. (but it’s nice to know it’s working!)

  2. Oh, and in Alex’s defense, while he wasn’t perfect during dinner, he did way, way better than usual. And he actually ate at least a little bit of everything we gave him.