So previously I mentioned that I spent several hours in the basement a few Saturday’s ago. I was cleaning out a section that we mostly used for empty box storage and storage of a few other things. That day I got everything cleared out and the floor clean, but we didn’t get any further.

So today I spent 3 hours in the basement and Eric spent at least 2 hours in the basement. We cut up the old carpet from the kid’s bedroom to fit the newly cleaned out space. Then we moved Alex’s train table over there to create a new space just for train-building. It looks nice. 🙂

This clears the way in the other section of the basement for some plans we have for Christmas.

3 thoughts on “Trains!

  1. We don’t see any masking tape telling Alex where he has to stop building his layout so Grandma doesn’t trip over it at night and “break herself cause she’s old.” (Alex’s words to Grandpa, last summer!)

    Other than the lack of masking tape, it looks great!

  2. You certainly do have fun with your comments to each other. I am so proud to be a part of this family. Love you all,

    Aunt Lynn