And we’ve corrupted another one!

Last weekend I finally managed to teach Beth how to use the mouse on the computer. I had tried several times before, but she just couldn’t seem to master it. She still has some difficulty, but she’s definitely getting there.

On Sunday I had turned on the computer for her because she wanted to play “The Monkey Game” (aka Tropix). But I had not yet made it back to click her icon on the welcome screen and then double-click the Tropix icon. I finally went back in and she was already playing! I asked Eric if he had done it for her, but he said no. So she’s learning.

Time to load those Dora games that Grandma & Grandpa bought her but Mama hadn’t gotten around to loading (partially because Mama didn’t want to play them – sorry!)

4 thoughts on “And we’ve corrupted another one!

  1. We don’t blame you for not loading the games. They are boring and tedious for adults, and when she wanted to “play” the game that meant you were stuck playing. Now she can do them herself.
    Glad to hear both kids are enjoying Tropix.

  2. hehe 😉 soon, they shall sneak out in the morning to play games on their computers, and Eric and you will be able to sleep in!