Tea recipe

As told to me by Beth.

–1 tea pot, toddler-sized (lid optional)
–1 skillet, toddler-sized
–1 whisk, toddler-sized
–1 spatula, toddler-sized
–1 toddler

Start with a pot of crystal clear, imaginary flavored, tea. Pour tea into skillet. Take whisk and stir vigorously in skillet. Pretending to stir the tea in the skillet will not work, we need metal on metal contact here. Take spatula and carefully work edges of tea as if it were a pancake. Then, in a swift swooshing motion, flip the tea into the air and catch with skillet.

Servings: 2, one toddler and one dad

Repeat 13-17 times until bedtime

7 thoughts on “Tea recipe

  1. I am proud of you dad. You have just taken the first step on an imaginary and wonderful ride with your little sweetheart.

    Things like tea parties with daddy are memories she will always cherish.

    Love, Aunt Lynn

  2. Good thing you wrote this recipe up for her, she may need it in the future. It’s also lucky she was using imaginary tea otherwise you’d been floating.

  3. Beth is pretty good at catching the tea, but she prefers dad to make the tea. We also know that mom is not good at making tea. She attempted several times, and missed the landing more than once. One time it landed on Alex. Fortunately the clean up was a snap.