So this morning we took the kids to the Farmer’s Market down by the lake. We bought what we needed, then bought some breakfast. Since the grass was wet, we walked down a little ways and found a dry patch of sidewalk to sit and eat on. When we were done, the kids wanted to run around in the grass. About 30 years away was a flock of geese feeding in the grass. The kids were naturally drawn to them. At first, we kept them away because they were getting close to a hill and the grass was slick. Eric called them back and said, “If you catch a goose, we can take him home and keep him as a pet.”

Therein ensued 5-10 minutes of the kids chasing geese. 🙂 Alex tried to be sneaky by running to, and hiding behind, the only tree between us and the geese. The fact that this tree was only 3 inches in diameter didn’t hide much of Alex. Beth locked on to one goose in the flock and stayed on it until got fed up and just flew away. Beth also tried talking to the geese while trying to chase them down. She alternated between, “Here geese!” and “Please!” We couldn’t tell how close they actually got to the geese, but Alex did have more speed then Beth. Beth kept yelling “Get him!” to Alex. This continued until all the geese flew away. It was a riot!

Beth was quite upset when she didn’t manage to catch a goose. 🙁

09/05/11: Eric updated this post to add more detail

4 thoughts on “Geese!

  1. Too bad they didn’t catch one. We would have loved to see Eric’s face if they had!

  2. I was more worried that they would get too close and the geese would bite one of them!

    And no, no photos since we weren’t expecting a photo op and had no cameras on us, not even a cell phone!