Eat your breakfast

This morning Beth came into the kitchen and asked for candy. She wanted the candy from the parade a few weeks ago. I told her she couldn’t have candy until she ate her breakfast. I said “When your Cocoa Puffs are gone, you can have candy.” That little you-know-what went into the parlor, fed her Cocoa Puffs to her father (who didn’t hear what I said) and then came and asked for candy!

She got it because she did comply with what I said (the Cocoa Puffs were gone), but she got told that won’t work next time!

6 thoughts on “Eat your breakfast

  1. She is way tooo smart for 2 year old. Just wait, the best is yet to come

  2. I thought she was going to feed them to a puppy. Did not know she was feeding daddy! ha ha

    Little too smart, good thing you are smarter.

    Love, Aunt Lynn

  3. Remember when mom told you you could have a second helping AFTER you emptied your mouth? Yeah, karma got a sense of humor, it seems.

  4. Yuck it up you two! Remember, we’re bringing her to your house soon and she’ll probably feed the Cocoa Puff to Lucky!