Radio Flyer Parade

Sunday we took the kids to participate in the Radio Flyer parade at the Ace Hardware that Eric’s Dad manages. Initially I only registered Alex because we only have 1 Radio Flyer vehicle. But Beth wanted to take along the scooter when Alex took his tricycle. Then Eric registered Beth, so she was in the parade too! Since her scooter was red, no one seemed to notice that it wasn’t technically a Radio Flyer. Eric pushed Beth most of the way, but I did take over and push her for about the last third. She doesn’t technically know how to ride the thing. Alex was a trooper and pedaled the whole thing with only a little bit of help on one of the hills.

We made the pictures posted online (We’re slightly behind the motorized wagons – Alex in orange on the tricycle, Eric just behind him helping Beth in blue on the scooter to the left – I’m way on the right in yellow):

“Fun for kids of all ages,” they say. Grownups lead the way in motorized wagons in the Great Radio Flyer Parade on Sunday to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Robertson’s Ace Hardware in the Village.”

Check out the caption! Our scooter wasn’t even a radio flyer (and technically shouldn’t have been in the parade)!

“Wagons weren’t the only Radio Flyer conveyances allowed.”

I got a picture of Alex on his tricycle during the parade:

Even thought it was horribly hot and humid out, we had a good time and enjoyed our free hot dogs, lemonade and ice cream afterwards. Alex went in the bouncy house while Beth ran around the parking lot. (She at first said she wanted to go in the bouncy house, but changed her mind just as we were putting her in.)

Then Alex got in the fire truck while Beth had cake:

4 thoughts on “Radio Flyer Parade

  1. Looks like you all had a lot of fun. Wish we could have been there.

  2. Looks like he had a lot of fun and the pictures are priceless. Treasure each of these events. They grow up too fast and you will miss them being small.