Alex is Mean!

The other morning we could hear Beth thumping her head against her headboard. When I got her out of her room, Eric said to her: “Beth, I could hear a bunch of thump, thump, thumping in your room this morning. Who was making all that noise?”. Beth looked at him and said (totally straight faced and without even stopping to think), “Alex. He’s mean!”

Once we finally stopped laughing, I admonished her, “Beth, that’s not true!”. Beth immediately started to cry. I didn’t yell and was actually still trying not to laugh when I said that! Needless to say I had to comfort her after that. Either she’s going to be even more sensitive than Alex, or she knows exactly how to push Mommy’s buttons to get sympathy!

3 thoughts on “Alex is Mean!

  1. We both vote for “she knows exactly how to push Mommy’s buttons!

  2. I vote for “she knows how to push Mommy’s buttons also! They learn fast