Waterpark fun

This past weekend we took our very first family vacation and headed up to Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan. We had a great weekend!

Friday night I picked up the kids from school/daycare an hour early and headed north. We got into Sheboygan around 5:30 and stopped for a quick dinner before checking into the Resort. The kids and I put on our swimsuits and headed down to the waterpark about 6:30pm. Unfortunately, we got off to a bad start when Alex ran off on me while I was trying to get Beth and my shoes off. I grabbed Beth and tried to find him. While I was looking, I was not paying attention to what was going on above us, and I believe that Beth and I took a hit from a bucket of water from above. They automatically dump every so often. Needless to say, Beth was very much not happy after that! Between Mommy carrying her and water in the face, she was screaming her little head off.

It took what felt like forever, but it was probably only about 2-3 minutes before I found him. He was coming down one of the medium sized waterslides! I grabbed his arm and took him aside for a lecture about running off and if it happens again, we’ll go home. I let him go down the slide one more time, but then we headed to the wading pool for Beth. Then Alex wanted to go down the kiddie slides and I let him. Eventually Beth wanted to get in that pool as well, which we did. I found out that 18 inches of water is no longer enough to knock Beth over.

We lasted until 7:55, which is past the kid’s usual bedtime. We went back to the room and got changed. I blew up the air mattress for Beth. The room I ended up booking had bunk beds in a small room (with no door). It was the Kid Aquarium Suite . The air mattress just fit in the available floor space. We had a snack and read 1 book each and then it was lights out. By this time it was around 8:45, almost an hour past bedtime. Alex was asleep in no time. Beth, however, did exactly what I expected and played around for quite a while. She got to say hello to Daddy and Jenna when they arrived at 9:30. She finally went to sleep after 10pm when we finally turned off all the lights and went to bed.

The room:

Bunk Beds:


Alex got up at 7:30 with Beth shortly behind him. After breakfast on Saturday, we headed down to the waterpark again. This time Alex was finally able to go on the big inner tube waterslides, since we couldn’t do it the night before. He loved them. Between Saturday and Sunday, he rode those at least 14 times. Ironically Eric took him on those more than Mommy, and Eric doesn’t really like those kinds of things. 🙂 There are two of the big slides, so we always rode at least two at a time. It’s a long flight of stairs up!

After breakfast:


We headed back to the room before lunchtime. Had lunch and then just hung out in the room relaxing for a while. The kids played and watched a new Dora DVD on the portable DVD player. That thing is worth it’s weight in gold! Eric and Jenna both took a nap while I read the newest James Patterson book that I finally got from the library. Around 3pm it became apparent that Beth really needed a nap, but she was not going to go down willingly. So I told Eric to take Alex and Jenna and go look for that mall that Jenna talked about. Earlier in the day, when Jenna heard that we had neglected to buy her a birthday present, she suggested finding a mall with a game store to get the Nintendo DS game she wanted. So they did that while I turned out all the lights and laid down with Beth. She was asleep in less than 5 minutes! I was out 5 minutes after that. I never nap! We woke up just after 5:00 and Eric got back at 5:10. Absolutely perfect timing!

Then we decided to have Jenna’s cake and then go back to the waterpark, planning to eat dinner afterwards. So by 6:15 we were back in the waterpark. Jenna didn’t want to swim, so she sat by the pool and played her new game. We decided to bring the camera this time since she would be there to watch it. So we finally got some pictures of the kids in the waterpark. (I didn’t take any pictures of Jenna since she doesn’t like it and it was her birthday.)

Both kids ready to play (the park provides life-jackets):

Alex on the kiddie slides:

Beth hanging out in the pool at the bottom of the kiddie slides:

Lilly pad fun:

Beth waiting for Alex to be done swimming:


We headed back to the room about 7:30, had dinner and put the kids to bed around 8:45 again. Alex claimed he wasn’t tired, but fell asleep anyway. Beth again played around for a while. Around 9:30 she apparently decided to crawl up on Alex’s bed and managed to wake him up. Then he wanted to get out of bed. I told them to stay in bed because the rest of us would be going to bed shortly, which we did.

This time Beth woke up first. I woke Alex up around 8:00 because we were planning to hit the waterpark one more time before checkout at 11 and we wanted to be down there when it opened at 9. So after breakfast, we headed back down for another hour at the waterpark. Technically, we could have stayed at the waterpark all day, but we decided we had had enough. Then we raced though final packing up and checking out. We headed off to find the diner that Eric had seen the day before and had lunch there. The kids were actually really good and ate at least half of their lunch. Then we headed for home, and got back around 1:15. Eric went to take a short nap before taking Jenna back to Madison at 3:00. Jenna got to import the CDs into iTunes that she had planned to do, but couldn’t because we weren’t at home.

I had packed plenty of food for the trip. I knew we had a refrigerator, but I didn’t know how big it was, so I stayed on the minimalistic side of perishable foods. I didn’t really want to deal with having to eat multiple meals out with two kids who were not known for behaving in restaurants. For breakfast on Saturday I had made banana muffins. Lunch was tuna salad on crackers, Cheetos, and apples. Dinner was cold Oven Fry chicken, unheated canned baked beans, and baby carrots. Sunday we had instant oatmeal. I also had Smores Goldfish and peanuts for snacks. However, next time I really need to remember to bring bowls for the oatmeal and more plates – we had enough plates for lunch and cake, but ran out before dinner, so we had to reuse the cake plates for dinner.

Overall it was a great trip. Alex loved it. Jenna said she had a wonderful time (via her status on Facebook!). Beth seemed to enjoy herself. She needed time to warm up to the pool every day, but always seemed to come around.

4 thoughts on “Waterpark fun

  1. Cold oven fried chicken. That sounds good, we’ll have to try it sometime! Sounds like everyone had a good weekend. That was a good way to spend Jenna’s birthday weekend.

  2. WOW that was a lot to read but sounds like you all had a great time. I remember taking Byron to Universal Studio’s in Florida on a vacation with us. He and Jeff went with us. He was only 9. Believe it or not the only ride he truely had fun in was the waterpark with the slides and the buckets of water that dumped on him every 8 minutes.

    Love, Aunt Lynn