Alex’s 2nd “Good News” Report

Thursday night I came home to the following phone call:

Hello Lorenz family. This is Ms. Swick calling from Clement Ave School. I’m calling to leave good news about Alex from his teacher, Mrs. Dittmar. She wants you to know Alex has been sounding out words and writing sentences and questions on his own. That is awesome!

Please let Alex know I called home with the good news. Tell him to keep up the great work in school.

Thanks guys. Have a great day.

I knew he was sounding out words, but I didn’t know he was writing sentences. His teacher did mention that she was trying to have him write phonetically, but that was a few weeks ago at Parent Teacher conferences and we hadn’t heard or seen anything along those line since.

I’m so proud of my boy!

4 thoughts on “Alex’s 2nd “Good News” Report

  1. He really seems to be interested in the reading and writing aspect. Glad to hear that he likes to do that! It makes school much easier if they can read well. Keep up the good work, Alex. We’re proud of you, too!

  2. That is really good for a pre schooler. Tell Alex we are all proud of his hard work.

  3. Proud of you Alex. Keep up the good work and soon you will be able to teach Beth,

    Love, Aunt Lynn