Rockin’ in the 50’s

Alex had his first school concert today. I tried very hard to get some pictures, but the camera kept focusing on the back of a blond lady’s head. I got one picture that you can see Alex and it’s not blurry.

Click on the picture to see it bigger. Alex is the third from the left:

All the songs were from the 50s. Alex’s class sang “Catch A Falling Star” – which I’ve never actually heard before. His teacher made all of their shirts. The program started at 1:30pm. Yup, you read that right, 1:30 in the afternoon! Eric and I both took late lunches to attend and then went back to work to make up the additional missing time. So glad we have that flexibility.

Since Eric also worked from home (because his work is 45 minutes away) and we were allowed to pick the kids up right after the program, Eric just brought Alex home with him instead of making him go to after-school care. Alex played on the computer while Eric worked.

After I got home and we picked up Beth, we all went to the local Ice Cream Parlor for a treat to celebrate a job well done! I remember doing that when we were kids and thought it was a good tradition.

The school says that there will be a DVD available for purchase of the program and we will most likely buy it. If we do, I’ll post a clip here of Alex’s portion of the show.

Edited July 6th to add video.
Alex starts out 3rd from the left in the back row:

4 thoughts on “Rockin’ in the 50’s

  1. Yeah, I didn’t even think about it until yesterday that I should have told you guys. We found out about a month ago.

  2. These moments are the best and even as grandparents we treasure the moments like this. Great job Alex!

    Love, Aunt Lynn