Beth’s Second Haircut

Well, Beth’s haircut definitely did not solve the “wing” problem. For a month or so it was easier to comb out. But after that it was back to being a big problem. We finally agreed to get it cut shorter. Mom made her a sleep hat a few weeks ago, but last night, after actually keeping it on all night, we took it off only to find she had tangled her hair UNDER the hat.

Sleep Cap:

Before haircut:

After haircut:

4 thoughts on “Beth’s Second Haircut

  1. Wow! Now she really looks like you.

    But you’re right, your hair was not cut that short at that young an age. Hope this helps the wing problem. Or at least the hating to get her hair combed problem. (She got that from Jenna you know!)

  2. Yes, she did get that from Jenna!

    This morning it took less than 5 minutes to get out the tangles. And she only cried once. Yesterday it took about the same, and she didn’t cry at all.