No School Today?

I had no trouble getting Alex out of bed this morning. I simply said “Alex, I have a surprise for you. There’s no school today.” Three seconds later that head popped up from the blankets and said “No School?” Three seconds after that he was sitting straight up.

So I asked him if he wanted to go to Barb’s today, expecting an emphatic yes since he’s been bugging to go there. He said no. A few seconds later he said “Wait a minute, I like Barb’s! Yes, I want to go”. Silly Alex.

So Alex got his wish today and got to go to Barb’s. Thank goodness she is so flexible in taking him for us. And since Monday is President’s Day, he’ll be there again. Four straight days of no school.

You see, he’s been complaining that he’s bored at school. After talking to both the after-school care (“Camp”) director and emailing his teacher, I think that it’s more Camp than School that’s the problem. His teacher told me that she asks him more difficult questions than the other kids and she expects more out of him because he is ahead of them.

Needless to say, Alex was more than willing to head to Barb’s for a day of play than to head for school.

And the reason there’s no school? MPS closed Friday because of teacher sickout. They are protesting a bill that our new Governor introduced on Monday and wanted passed yesterday. Democrats flee state to avoid vote on budget bill. Madison schools have been closed since Wednesday. Last night at 8:15pm we got a automated phone call telling us that school had not been cancelled yet, but to be on the lookout in the morning in case that changes. Which it did.

I’ve heard that this is getting national coverage, so you may have already heard some of this. I don’t agree in what the teachers are doing, because it affects our kids, but then again, I don’t agree with what the Governor is doing, either, by only giving the Senators only a couple of days to make a decision on a very controversial bill. What a mess!

3 thoughts on “No School Today?

  1. I am with you. Disagree with what the teachers are doing, and hate what Walker is doing. Unfortunately, I think the school canceling will backfire against the unions ;(

  2. Glad to hear that Alex got his time at Barb’s. We read the articles about the protests. We don’t understand why they have to cut the bargaining rights, but I don’t imagine that the bill affects the state senators pay, benefits or bargaining rights, so why should they worry about it.

  3. The kids shouldn’t be losing out on this deal, but mom and dad are right, the senators aren’t going to be feeling the pinch, so why would they care? They’re quicker about voting themselves another raise than to vote on something for the greater good.