Uh, Guys?

One of the funniest things that Beth says right now is “Uh, Guys?”. She does it when she’s trying to get our attention. And I don’t know why it cracks us up so much, but it does! The other night she literally had me rolling on the floor outside her door when she kept saying it to keep us from leaving the bedroom after having rescued her pacifier from the floor. And now she knows that it cracks us up, she does it on purpose.

I did find out last night, when she was saying “Uh, Mama?” repeatedly at bedtime that she does know that it only applies when there is more than one person to address.

We’re hoping to get a video of her saying it, but we’re not quite sure how at this point because we’re quite sure that if we point a camera at her, she will refuse to say it. But if we manage, I’ll post it.

2 thoughts on “Uh, Guys?

  1. Uh, Guys? Was very effective when we were there. She is funny when she says it. But she found out that it works faster than Mama or Daddy.