Snow Day!, part 2

OK, just had to provide a few more pictures now that we’ve dug our way from the house to the garage. As before, you can click on the picture if you want to see it bigger.

Earlier Eric went out for two 40 minute sessions trying to dig out the front porch, steps and the sidewalk. He had to work today, so he’s spent the rest of the time on his computer upstairs. Sometimes being able to work from home is not a blessing!

Beth went down for her nap so Alex and I headed outside. Alex helped out a bit (bought him his own shovel before Christmas) and then just played with his dump truck while I worked in the alley. We finally decided to call our friend Alicia, and she let us borrow her snow-blower. Eric is currently working his way down the alley. Our goal right now is to free the cars so that we can get out the other end. This end is totally impassible right now. He’s struggling just to get a single path to our garage.

Alex in the middle of our chiseled out section of the backyard:

Alex standing at the end of the snow drift just outside our garage:

That’s a two-foot ruler with 3 inches of snow above it for a total of 27 inches:

And a sea of snow beyond it:

The end of the alley, next to the house. That’s our basement windows, which are head-level:

The end of the alley, from the opposite direction:

The front of the house, after Eric shoveled:

5 thoughts on “Snow Day!, part 2

  1. Wow! We really wish we were there. Not!!! We remember one storm like this in Richland Center. Enjoy tomorrow, It will probably be Snow Day 2. Most people will not be able to dig their way out in one day.

  2. We managed to dig one car out, just barely. The school is closed again. So I am at work and both kids are at Barb’s. Eric is working from home with plans to try and dig out his car.

  3. Wow! Looks like your weather beat ours. We are iced in all over the place. Texas does not get this kind of weather normally and so our schools have been closed for 4 days and probably tomorrow also. I remember the snow days from Ohio and don’t miss them. I like the warm days better. Stay warm and safe.

    Love, Aunt Lynn