Well, Beth just got the mother of all time-outs (in our house anyway). She got to stay in the pack-n-play the entire time Eric and I were cleaning the crayon off the bottom portion of our 42″ plasma TV. She was not happy (especially since I confiscated the pacifier she would normally have in there), so hopefully it will teach her never to do that again.

On the plus side, the crayon actually did come off.

4 thoughts on “Coloring

  1. We’re actually surprised to hear that she did that. The entire time we were at your house we never caught her even touching the TV screen. Good call on taking the pacifier. That would definitely not have been punishment. So glad she’s still being her sweet angelic self!

  2. I am surprised it came off the TV screen. Teaching them lessons can be as hard on moms and dads sometimes as the child. Keep doing the great job you are doing.

    Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lynn