Happy Birthday Beth

My “Baby Girl” turned two today. I can’t believe it’s been two years already! I suppose I should stop calling her “Baby Girl” even though I know she’ll always be my baby girl. Especially since I keep telling her that babies use nuks and she’s not a baby so she doesn’t need a nuk anymore. 🙂

I got out some frozen cupcakes and frosted them (which I should have done with the leftover frosting from the cakes and frozen it all, but I didn’t think of it until just now) and then we gave her the two gifts we had for her and let her blow out two more candles. Which she did in one blow! She didn’t even manage that at her birthday party. Took her about four tries that day. She got two more LeapFrog Tag books, Monster Faces and Our Birthday at the Zoo.

Happy Birthday Beth!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Beth

  1. It is so good to be able to share these special moments with you and your family, Shannon. Thanks for including me. Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. Happy Birthday Elizabeth. We hope you enjoyed your little party with Mommy and Daddy as much as we enjoyed our week with you.

  3. I love that you include me as well since I have never seen either of your children. I have watched them grow and I love it that you send me pictures and blogs about what they do and how they act. Thank you for including me also.

    Love, Aunt Lynn