Happy Birthday Alex

Happy 5th Birthday to my baby boy! You will always be my baby, no matter how old you are.

Alex’s teacher always makes sure to assign one of their snack days on or near their birthday so they can bring in a special treat if they want to. So today was Alex’s snack day. Since I was sick and did not get a chance to make his cupcakes on Wed night like I planned, I ended up leaving work early yesterday to make them. As a last minute decision, I picked Alex up so he could help me. We got them all baked, frosted and sprinkled before we had to head over to the Finnegan’s.

Today I had made arrangements with his teacher so I could go in and spend snack time with him. As it worked out, I spent the rest of the school day with them (which was only about another 1/2 hour) and just brought him home with me. He was really excited to have mommy at school and also rather excited to be skipping the after-school care today.

He was given the hat at school today and they all sang Happy Birthday right before snack time.

My are those 4 and 5 year olds a noisy crowd! And Mrs. Dittmar said that because it was so cold out today, they didn’t get outside for recess to run off some of that energy, so they were extra rambunctious. And it was Friday. Lucky me. But it was fun. They did most of the work and have their process for doing snack time, so the only time I helped was when Alex was supposed to hand out his cupcakes. Then I sat with him while they ate. They actually start getting ready to line up to go about 20 minutes before school lets out, so Alex and I actually left 15 minutes before school officially lets out.

And I got a sneak peek into what really goes on at school. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Alex

  1. We can’t believe you’re already 5! Seems like just yesterday when Mama and Daddy told us you were on the way.
    It sounds like you had a lot of fun both baking your treats yesterday and then sharing them at school today.

    Happy 5th Birthday Alex!

  2. Happy Birthday Alex!

    These are the fun times of your life and will have many more. Enjoy them all. You are very lucky to have such a special mom who wants to share the fun with you.

    Love, Aunt Lynn