Any Birthday Party Ideas?

OK, since the majority of the kids are getting a bit older, I’d like to have some activities for them to do at this year’s birthday party instead of just letting them run rampant trashing the house. With guests ranging in age from 2-6.5, I realize this will be a little bit difficult, but I’d still like to try and do something, even if the really little ones don’t end up participating. Factoring out the youngest two, the kids are between 4-6, which isn’t as bad. I have 8 kids invited – Reese, 6.5; Damien, 6; Alex, 5; Sergey, 4.5; Dominic, 4; Cindy, 4; Xavier, 2.5; Beth, 2. All their parents will be around to help supervise. I’ll probably put Mom or Dad in charge of getting the hot sandwiches into the oven so that I can coordinate the activities.

So far this is what I have for ideas (and after the first one, I’m only going to need 1 or 2 other things):

  • Birthday coloring pages to keep kids occupied while everyone arrives
  • Decorating T-shirts (if I get out to buy T-shirts, fabric paints and/or fabric markers
  • Pin the Tail on the Donkey (found one online that I can print)
  • Wrap up 8 gifts filled with small toys and/or candy in various sizes. Deal out cards to each child. Go through another stack of card with the same numbers and let each child pick a gift. They can either pick one from the middle or “steal” someone else’s. If a gift gets stolen, that child can pick a new gift from the middle or “steal” some else’s, but they can’t steal the one they just lost. Once everyone has a turn, they kids can open their gifts. Slightly different take on party favors, which I don’t normally do, but this might be fun.

Not sure if the kids are old enough for the last item. Also not sure a game with only one winner (like Pin the Tail on the Donkey) is a good idea.

So, any other suggestions on something I can do with the kids that won’t be too messy (like finger-painting!) or cause too many hurt feelings when most of the kids don’t win? And something that won’t drag on too long because their attention spans are pretty small and I only need to fill about an hour or so. The party starts at 4pm. I plan to serve dinner between 5 and 6, depending on how long I can keep them occupied. Then we’ll do gifts and cake and be done by 7pm or slightly thereafter.

7 thoughts on “Any Birthday Party Ideas?

  1. They might be too young to understand the stealing game. Although it’s fun, some might not want to give up their gift. 🙂 I like your idea of dealing out #’s and letting them take a gift. Maybe just let them pick one gift at a time, let that child unwrap it. Then let the next one pick a gift and unwrap his and so on. That will certainly kill a little time.

  2. Mary Ellen is right, they are a little too young to get the stealing concept. Wait a couple years. But picking a gift and opening it is a good idea. The first to go gets first choice.

  3. And since three of those kids are Olya’s I think she’s hinting that she doesn’t want to clean them up!

  4. What about play dough? Give each child one can (you can buy these at party stores or even the dollar stores). You can give them rolling pins, cookie cutter, and pie plates and tell them to make pies or cookies. They can be creative and entertained even at the age of two.

    You can also buy the paint with water books and give each child a paint brush and a dixie cup half full of water. The pages already have the color on them and all they do is paint with water. Tear the pages out of the books and give each child one at a time. Place a paper towel under the page and If the cup spills, it is only water. These books can be found almost everywhere.

    Have the kids doing guessing games. Make up small containers of pretzels, m & m’s or some small treat. Tell them to pick a number and the closest to whoever is right, give them a prize. The kids don’t need to know how to count only to say a number.

    Been a long time since I have had a birthday party for little kids that age so I don’t know how much help I can be.

    Good luck and let me know how your party turns out.

    Love, Aunt Lynn

  5. Paint with Water books aren’t a bad idea. We have several of those in the basement from Jenna’s younger years.

    And maybe I could put a small can of Play-Doh in each of the gifts that they could play with after the game and then take home. Although I don’t know if Olya would appreciate the Play-Doh coming home with her kids. 🙂 I have plenty of plastic cookie cutters.