Thanks everyone!

So the easiest thing to implement was threatening to take his computer away for the night. That really got him moving. And it works well for other things, too.

Then this morning I got him up before I got dressed and he hung out on my bed until I was ready. Since both he and Beth were up (which is what I was afraid of), I decided to take them downstairs to get the coffee going and dress them down there. I got Alex going by asking if he wanted to help me pack his lunch. He was off the bed in record time! No problems this morning getting either of them dressed. Of course, they’ve been going to bed a half hour early for the past three nights, too. 😉

After Christmas, I think I’ll try to set up an ongoing thing where he can win a prize for doing things when he’s asked. Since he’s not into Lego (by design – too many small pieces with Beth around), I have to find something he wants and then use pennies in jars to move back and forth towards getting it. But I want to wait until the newness of all his Christmas and Birthday presents wears off. And I need time to formulate a plan – what gets pennies in the jar, and what gets pennies taken out.

So thus far, results are favorable and I don’t think I’ve actually yelled at him in several days. Here’s hoping it lasts. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Thanks everyone!

  1. I wish we had duct tape for kids when our kids were little. Duct tape fixes everything!

  2. I agree with Olya. Sometimes the most obvious threat works but you do what works for you Shannon. You will figure it out. Good Luck,

    Love, Aunt Lynn