Beth’s First Haircut

So we took Beth to get her first haircut today. I’ve cut her bangs several times, but I’m just not brave enough to try cutting the rest. She actually did very well and only fought a little, when she got in her face and tried to cut her bangs. Until then, she was busy playing and watching Dora. We took her to the same place we took Alex for his first haircut, and still take Alex. He actually also got a haircut today, as long as we were driving all the way out there. It is a 30 minute trek, counting loading time.

So here’s what she looked like this morning. Notice the “wings” on both sides of her head:


Picture before her haircut (and after this morning’s bath!):


And after her haircut:


I don’t think this cut is going to solve the “wing” problem, but it should make it easier to comb out.

7 thoughts on “Beth’s First Haircut

  1. Beth’s haircut was a total shock to us. We thought you were going to keep it long. By the way, she really reminds us of another little girl we knew, a long time ago. Think she’ll start hiding books on Mama????

  2. After watching me fight with her and her hair this past Monday morning, I finally convinced Eric to let me at least try chin-length. I was lucky that they could get both kids in together today.

  3. I agree with everyone. Beth looks like you when you were little. I like her do hair do.

    Love, Aunt Lynn