Christmas is coming!

We decorated for Christmas last weekend. Eric and I were talking Saturday morning about when were we going to get our tree and after reviewing the next few weekends, we decided that ‘today’ would be a good day. But because it was almost lunchtime already, and Beth naps at 2:00, we decided not make it a family outing and just Eric and Jenna went after Beth went to bed. Alex and I worked on his homework. I’ve been trying to do it on Saturday afternoons anyway, while Beth naps, because we are rarely gone at that time. Sunday’s are bad because of the Packer games.

So before Beth woke up, Eric and I got the tree inside. Took us 4 tries to cut enough off the tree so that the angel would fit on top. And she’s *barely* on there. 🙂 We got it in place, gave it some water and let it sit until the next day to get the last of the snow off it and then branches fully extended.

Sunday morning we had breakfast at 9:30 like we always do. Then Eric put on the lights while I gave Beth her bath and got Alex started. Then he supervised the rest of Alex’s bath while I put the garland on and started unboxing ornaments. Normally we have the ornaments from Grandma & Grandpa by this point, but I totally forgot to ask about them when we were there for Thanksgiving, and then we decided last minute to get the tree, so there was no time to warn Mom. We’ll just do it on Christmas Eve this year.

So once baths were done, it was time to hang ornaments. Beth only has 2, so it didn’t take her long. After that I kept handing her soft ones until she got bold and started swiping things off the table – usually Alex’s or Jenna’s! Eric was helping Alex and Jenna was taking care of her own. I didn’t hang any of my own this year. I unboxed and they hung. Sounds a lot like what happened when we were kids. 😉

So here’s our tree:


We actually managed to finish decorating it before the Packer game started at noon. We had lunch and Beth went down for her nap. At that point, Alex and I headed onto the front porch. I had promised him Saturday that if we got his homework completely done he could help me decorate the porch. So he did:




Just as we were finishing up on the porch, Eric left with Jenna to take her back home. Alex started investigating boxes and found the stockings. I tried to tell him that I needed Daddy to help me hang them, but he really wanted to do it
RIGHT NOW. Suddenly I remembered that I bought a laser level earlier this year so that I could hang pictures in the kids room without any help. It was perfect for hanging stockings without someone to tell me if they were the same level. So Alex and I hung up the stockings:


I can’t remember the last time we put up a tree this early. (Last year I think we decorated the Sunday before Xmas.) So far we’ve been very good about watering it. Some years we’re really bad at remembering and it’s a good thing it’s not up very long. The only bummer about this is that the dining room door to the backyard is now blocked by the tree, so we have to use the front door until it’s gone. It’s too hard to get two small kids and all our stuff down the curvy back steps to go through the backyard, so we use the front door and go down the alley.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

3 thoughts on “Christmas is coming!

  1. Your tree looks great and so does the porch. We still have to dig out the kids ornaments. We will get them mailed soon. We actually decorated our tree already. Somebody sent us an e-mail asking if we had a stand for a real tree and the only way to find out is to dig out the Christmas stuff. After that, we needed the boxes out of the way so we did the tree. A record for us since it was only the 7th. (And “Grandma Scrooge” doesn’t like to decorate until she has no choice.)

  2. Christmas time has such wonderful memories. Sounds like you are creating many of them already. Your decorations are all beautiful and so is your tree.

    Uncle Jeff and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope Santa is good to all of you.

    Love, Aunt Lynn

  3. Thankfully, Geoff loves houseplants, so it doesn’t matter that I forget to water my tree. He does it automatically.