She does stairs

Beth has been getting better and better at the stairs, but she’s still unstable enough that we haven’t taken the gate off the bottom yet to allow her unfettered access. However it seems that yesterday Bill went upstairs to the bathroom with one of his kids and didn’t realize he didn’t latch the gate. Beth did. 🙂

According to Eric (I was out with Olya) she went upstairs, knocked on the bathroom door, got the Elmo peek-a-boo book and then went back downstairs. Eric didn’t realize any of this until she was already at the bottom of the steps, on her way down. Safely, thank goodness. Probably won’t be too much longer before we finally get rid of that gate for good!

3 thoughts on “She does stairs

  1. Wow! We’re really going to miss that wonderful gate. You knew from Alex that it was a matter of time before she would be let loose on the stairs. Guess that was her way of saying, Let me practice.

  2. Good for her! practice makes perfect, but it’s better to practice with a mommy or daddy there to catch you!

  3. Doesn’t seem possible that she is old enough to navigate steps! Wish I could see both children but I really appreciate the blogs as it helps me learn about them as they grow. Keep on sending these wonderful notes.

    Love, Aunt Lynn