Quiet Day

So, just to round it out, Dad was down with the flu today. Now we’re just hoping we didn’t pass it on to anyone else on Thanksgiving Day when we were all feeling fine.

We had another quiet day. Mom and I took Beth on a short trip to Wal-Mart to pick up some more cough medicine for me. Alex hung out here with Daddy.

We had pizza for dinner tonight. Mom & Dad always feed some of the crust to Lucky, their dog, so I had fed him some and Mom had fed him some. Alex asked for a second piece.
The he said, “But cut the crust off”.
Grandma: “Why?”
Alex: “So I can feed it to Lucky.”

Later that night:
Grandpa: “Hi Elizabeth”
Beth: “Hi Papa”

One thought on “Quiet Day

  1. Even though today was quiet, I had fun listening to Beth and Alex roughhouse on the mattress in the computer room. It was supposed to be Aunt Leigh’s bed, but I think the kids had a lot of fun with the bed on the floor.
    Glad Alex wanted to be kind to Lucky and feed him.
    And it still throws me when Beth replies spontaneously to questions and comments.