Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.

We had a nice day here at Mom & Dad’s. Beth napped early, which worked out well because she woke up just in time for dinner. Great-Grandma and Great Grandpa, Great-Uncle Dave & Vel, Great-Uncle Mark, Grandpa, Grandma, Great-Uncle Richard & Aunt Leigh were here. Great-Aunt Cathy unfortunately has the flu and stayed home. The kids were obligingly cute.

Later in the day, Beth was in the back room with Daddy and Alex. Suddenly she came out with Leigh’s brush and toothbrush.
Leigh looked at the toothbrush and said “Is that wet?”
I tested it and said “Yup!”
“Is the toilet closed?”
Turns out it was, but she wasn’t exactly thrilled. She’s dubbed Beth
“The Toothbrush Bandit”.

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. The joy on Beth’s face when she ran out with the two brushes was great. That was quickly followed by Leigh’s question, “Is the toothbrush wet” answered quickly by Shannon with “Yes!” and my night was complete. Good Job, Beth!