We made it…barely

So when I got home last night, Eric was feeling fine, so we decided to make the drive to Ohio after all. We had a pretty good trip, with a minor detour into Michigan when we missed our exit. We got in about 3:30am. By 6am, I was in the bathroom having my turn at the stomach flu. Eric and I slept until 11:30 (Thanks Mom & Dad for watching the kids!). I was still a bit queasy, so I didn’t help out much today, but the kids had a good time and didn’t really notice that Mommy was sick. Mommy took a 3 hours nap in the afternoon. So I missed out on a lot of what the kids did and heard about it later. I’m feeling much better at this point, so by tomorrow this should be a distant (or not-so-distant) memory.

We decided Beth needed a bath tonight and then Alex wanted one too, so I did them both at once since I knew I wasn’t going to try and wash anyone’s hair and it was getting late. So I washed Beth and then gave Alex the bar of soap to wash himself. Alex washed a bit and then started washing Beth. I didn’t stop him because it was so cute and sweet.

2 thoughts on “We made it…barely

  1. Too bad our bathroom is so small. We would have loved to see Alex taking care of Beth. He sure loves his baby sister.