And now it’s Eric’s turn…

Yup, Eric started feeling bad just before dinner last night and threw up just after we went to bed. He, didn’t get up again in the middle of the night, though, or this morning when I got up to shower. Left him home, sleeping, and took both kids to school/daycare myself, which of course made me a little bit late. Oh well, I’ll shave some time off my lunch hour to make it up.

At this point we haven’t officially canceled the trip, but it’s looking less likely that we’ll leave tonight. Maybe tomorrow during the day, if I don’t get sick today or tonight. But if Eric’s much better and I’m OK, we might still leave tonight. Eric will be well-rested at that point! We’ll talk later this afternoon to decide. I really, really don’t want to cancel this trip so I’m holding out hope that we will still make it. I’ve traveled with the flu in the past, when I was pregnant with Alex. I can do it again. (And as far as I remember, I didn’t give it to anyone in OH.) The whole reason we planned the trip was because I didn’t want to spend yet another holiday with no family. And if we do cancel, it’s going to be a pretty pathetic holiday since there is no food in the house and I’ll probably be too sick to cook it anyway!

Oh, and after being upset yesterday about not going to school, when I tried to leave today, Alex clung to me and wouldn’t let go saying he didn’t want to go to school today. Took a couple of minutes to get him back in the room and then the “teacher” came over and coaxed him to let go of me, at which point I got out of there as fast as possible so he couldn’t change his mind again.

6 thoughts on “And now it’s Eric’s turn…

  1. Things will work out as they should sweetie. I do hope you get to make your trip. I know what it is like to miss out on family at the holidays. I have all my children and grandchildren close by and so that helps me not miss all of you and the rest of the family so much.

    I hope Alex is better. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Love, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lynn

  2. Ouch! Tough week in Wisconsin!

    Kathy and I hope everyone is feeling better, and hopefully we will see you on Thanksgiving.