And now another one…

The day started out well. Alex seems back to normal.
   Alex: “Look, Mama, I didn’t spit in the bucket last night.”
   Me: “That’s good. Are you feeling better?”
   Alex: “Yes!” <pause> “Can I have cookies today?”    😀

Alex helped me make pancakes and both kids finished theirs. Baths went well. We started watching the Packer game and had cheese and crackers for lunch. At one point we had the following conversion with Beth:
   Beth (from the dining room): “Help!, Heeelllppp!”
   Eric (from the parlor): “Beth, do you need help?”
   Beth (from the dining room): “No” (Uh, why are you calling for help, then?)

So Beth went down for her nap at 2:00 and Alex and I finished the turkeys. Ended up taking about 45 minutes:

Beth got up from her nap around 3:30, which is, quite honestly, a little early for her. 15 minutes later she threw up. Eric took her to the bathtub while I stated cleaning up downstairs. She puked twice more while in the tub. Once more after he brought her down. And again while I was typing this paragraph! Hopefully this settles down soon. She seems to be worse off than Alex in that respect. But, like Alex, she’s perfectly happy in between. Hopefully she’ll go to bed and sleep through the worst of it. And hopefully Eric and I will avoid it, but I’m not counting on that. We might be delayed if one of us is still sick when it’s time to leave on Tuesday.

Oh well, we’ll survive and Alex and I finished the turkeys. I should probably pack tonight in case I’m sick by tomorrow. 😉

But on the bright side, we got this cute pictures of the Coppertone Baby:


(I finished typing this around 5:30pm. But I still needed to upload the photos and it was time to make dinner, so I took a little break. As of this typing, Beth threw up one more time, but hasn’t done it again in about an hour.)

4 thoughts on “And now another one…

  1. I hope you and Eric will avoid getting sick, too. Of course, I am feeling like death warmed over as I am typing this, so it does not bode well for you ;(

  2. If you and Eric are smart, you will send the kids to school/daycare tomorrow, get sick all day and be finished with it in time to pick said kiddies up. Then Tuesday won’t be a problem. Then again, if Beth is sick today, you guys should have gotten sick with her. After all, you were exposed the same day as Alex!

    Glad you finished the turkeys. It looks like Alex had fun. They look great!
    Love the Coppertone baby

  3. Yeah, not sure what to think about the fact that Eric and I are not sick yet. And yes, we were all exposed with Alex. Beth may have missed catching it Thu (we did take her out and away from X) and got it from Alex on Sat. I’m hoping that if we get it, the worst of it will be over by the time we’re supposed to leave. As long as no one is actively throwing up, we can make the trip. Of course, that means we may give it to you guys!

    Alex had a great time with the turkeys. The tails were tricky, so basically he picked the colors and I put them on. But he still had fun. One of the turkey’s is losing it’s head, but I don’t think there’s much I can do about it now. The glue dried and the head wants to stay droopy.

  4. The turkeys are really cute. They made them for name tags at Noah’s daycare also. I had a Thanksgiving lunch with him and had lots of fun.

    I hope all your illnesses go away pretty soon. Seems like you have had your fill of it!

    Happy Thanksgiving and love to all.

    Aunt Lynn and Uncle Jeff