Mom and Dad Babysit

What you probably didn’t know is that when we left on Saturday night, Mom and Dad immediately scrambled to pack up for their week-long visit to our place to babysit the kids for the week since our daycare lady needed two back-to-back weeks off.

They arrived about 6pm having had a horrible, 11 hour ride in. (It might actually pay to drive overnight since we did it in almost half the time!)

I had taken Monday off since I didn’t have a car to drive and figured I’d have to spend time dealing with the insurance and all that. So late Monday morning Dad went out and started leveling the ground for the pool. When Beth went down for her nap, Mom and I went out to help finish leveling and put it up. Took 2-3 hours to totally fill it and boy was that water cold! Eric went to play Sheepshead after work, as he usually does every other Monday (and then the alternate Tuesday).

Tuesday I went to back to work. Mom and Dad were going to take the kids to the park, but Alex wasn’t interested so they stayed home. When Beth went down for her nap, Alex and Grandpa went into the basement to play trains. This set up a pattern for the rest of the week, with Alex going down with either Grandpa or Grandma. He got a lot of train time! Tuesday night when I got home, Dad and I took them into the pool while Mom took pictures. The kids had a lot of fun with Grandpa swimming, too. It was hot that day!

Wednesday Mom and Dad took the kids out in the back yard during the day. I went to my dance class that evening, as I usually do on Wednesday’s, so no swimming that night.

Thursday they went to the park, even though Alex again didn’t seem interested. Alex ran around for a bit, and Beth loves to swing. That evening Bill & Olya came over for dinner, Sweet & Sour Pork cooked by Dad, according to tradition. Their kids were staying with Olya’s parents in Russia, so it wasn’t the chaotic visit that it usually is.

Friday they went to Chuck-E-Cheese. Alex loves the games, and has gotten really good at Skeeball. Beth got in to ride with Barney and when it started to move, she started to scream. So Beth watched Barney bob up and down instead. That night Grandpa took them in the pool again while Grandma watched and Mommy tried to catch up on all the things she had been neglecting for the past two weeks (like mail!).

Saturday Grandpa went to the Farmer’s market and then gymnastics with Alex and Eric while I took Beth to swim class and Grandma slept in. Kevin and Sarah brought their kids over that day. We all had pizza for lunch, although her kids don’t really eat pizza well. But Sarah said not to make them something else because she likes to sometimes make them eat things they don’t particularly like. And she agrees that not eating pizza is just wrong! After Beth’s nap, Grandma and Grandpa took the kids for a walk around the pond. Actually, Alex took his scooter with him. Beth walked the entire distance except for two brief periods of wanting Grandpa to carry her.

Sunday morning we were supposed to take Beth for her 18 month pictures, but she got a mosquito bite on her cheek Friday night and it looked so bad on Saturday that we rescheduled the appointment. When we called JCPenney’s, they said that they don’t do touch-ups and make-up wasn’t doing it. Those pictures have since been rescheduled two more times and have not yet actually happened due to the fact that I’m trying very hard to get a female photographer (wish us luck on Aug 28th!).

I suspect that as much as Mom and Dad love seeing the kids, even they were happy to go home on Sunday afternoon after seeing them for 14 days straight! They probably slept for a week after they got home due to total exhaustion. 😉

3 thoughts on “Mom and Dad Babysit

  1. No week of sleeping for us. We had things to do. And believe it or not, even after 14 straight days, the kids were still fun. We never got tired of seeing them. Or you and Eric for that matter.

  2. I could see my grandkids and my own kids every day and would never tire of their company. I love them all that much!

    Know that your children’s grandma and grandpa feel the same. They show it with all their love and time spent with you. I feel grandchildren are blessing from God.

    Love, Aunt Lynn