My new car

I don’t normally post things not related to the kids, but most of you have probably heard the fate of my 2008 Saturn Astra: totaled by flooding.

We signed on a new car today and brought it home: a 2010 red Chevy Malibu.

Boy it’s been a stressful couple of weeks trying to pick out a new car. And let me tell you, 2 hours at the car dealership followed by a 30 minute drive home followed by a 30 minute drive back with my checkbook followed by another hour at the dealership with a toddler and a pre-schooler is just not fun! Alex was actually being entertained by one of the sales ladies, thank goodness. And we were signing and trying to keep Beth from eating the crayons that Alex started out with.

9 thoughts on “My new car

  1. I love the Malibu’s. Sounded like you had a time of it, but I’m sure you’re glad it’s over.

  2. Nice looking car. Sticking with red we see. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  3. Six more weeks and you can. Wish you had been here to watch the kids, would have been a lot easier!

    I got my Aux port (for the iPod), and a more powerful engine. Two things that were lacking on my old car. And I managed to keep my red.

  4. Did this car come with water wings? An outboard motor??

    Beautiful car & an excellent choice, Way to go!!!

  5. Good looking car, Shannon!

    Buying a car, almost as much fun as a trip to the Dentist!

    An Aux port (or the ability to play MP3 files is the one thing I wish I had on my car.

  6. i remember trying to sell our old Saturn Vue, pregnant with X, and with D & S in tow. Totally hear you on the not fun!

    The Malibu looks very nice 🙂