Today I took Alex to pick out his first backpack. At first he didn’t want to go and told me to “Get one with Thomas”. I said, “But what if they don’t have Thomas, what should I get then?” He thought for a minute. Then I said “Alex, this is your only chance to pick out your very first backpack, I think you should go with me.” He said “OK, I’ll go pick out my first backpack.”

He ended up picking out a Lighting McQueen one:

3 thoughts on “Backpack

  1. It’s hard to believe he’s starting school. It seems like he was just learning to walk and talk.

  2. The first day of school is the hardest on the parents. Don’t be surprised if you are the one with tears in your eyes and not Alex.

    Alex, you enjoy your first day at school and have as much fun as you are allowed.

    Love, Aunt Lynn and Uncle Jeff