She went in! (updated again)

So last night I had time to kill since Eric was going to Bill’s to play video games. (Olya and I had dinner out the previous day.) It was still hot out, so I decided to try and take the kids in the new pool. I changed into my swimsuit before I picked them up from daycare and took their suits, towels and sunscreen into the backyard. That way we didn’t even have to go inside after we got home. Alex went in right away. I decided to let Beth take the lead and see what she wanted to do. She wandered around for about 10 minutes and then indicated she wanted in. So in she went, me right behind. The pool is so big and deep that I don’t want to put her in alone and then have to circle the pool as she walks around, just in case she fell down. Which she did almost do a few times. The water came just to the tops of her legs. Alex is able to sit on the bottom and still have his head out. Of course, the pool is having some serous issues since the ground was not nearly as level as I though. So one side is filled to the top and the other side is only abut halfway up.

Beth stayed in about 30 minutes and then got in and out a few times over the next 30 minutes. Alex stayed in the whole time. I had remembered the little swimming penguin we bought two years ago and had brought that out with their stuff earlier. Alex had a ball. It has a small propeller on the back so it “swims” around and we played a game of watching who it would bump into next. Beth through it was funny until it bumped into her. Then she wasn’t so sure. She didn’t cry or get upset, but she didn’t laugh either. Alex and I just laughed trying to get her to realize it was fine. She never totally warmed up to it, but she didn’t get worse either. After they went to bed I went and found the other two that we bought but never opened, so next time they can have 3 swimming penguins.

We all had a good time and stayed outside for a little more than an hour. I think I’ve gotten more sun this year than the previous two years combined because the weather has been so nice on the weekends this year. And I’ve actually been spending time outside with them when we get home each night instead of rushing them in the house.

I’ll try to post a picture of the lopsided pool later. Of course I have no photographic evidence that Beth went in the pool last night since I had to be in there with her.

Our lopsided pool:

07/10/2010 Update: Eric took a picture for me last night
(I am just off camera within reach):

5 thoughts on “She went in! (updated again)

  1. Time to buy a waterproof camera. Maybe you can go underwater and get some interesting shots.

  2. Hey, it kind of works to have the pool like that: there’s a deep end for alex and a shallow end for beth!

  3. True, but the problem is that the other side has the walls caving in because the “deeper” end is pushing the sides into more of an oval than a circle. And there’s only about a 1 -2 inch difference in depth anyway.

  4. Yeah, now with the picture I see that. I guess you just have to raze the backyard and level the ground!