To swim?

Last night after dinner I took the kids into the backyard with me to finish setting up the pool. I got into the pool, now filled with about an inch of water to finish trying to make it a circle and hold the sides up while it filled. Eventually Alex wanted in too. Beth was just playing with stuff around us. But what really surprised me is that eventually Beth came over and “asked” to get in too. So I took off her sandals and put her in the (really, really cold) water, which was now about two inches deep on that side and about 4 inches deep on the other side because the spot is not as level as I though it was. She was fine, no crying. Possibly because it was her choice to get in? By the time we got out, the water was just above her knees and she never reacted. She was getting a kick out of picking the hose up out of the water and playing with that.

And no one had a swimsuit on. Beth did slip and fall at one point, but I got her back up right away and she’s didn’t try to get out. She then squirted herself with the hose. Then Alex fell down. Then Beth squirted me with the hose.

I don’t know if she’ll like this new pool now that it’s totally full, since it’s deeper than I expected and it will be up to her chest. She won’t be able to go in in alone, unfortunately. I guess we’ll see over the next few days if she’ll go in again. We still have the water table and the sprinkler if she won’t go in the pool.

4 thoughts on “To swim?

  1. Next thing you know she’ll be swimming the English Channel, or at least the local pool during lessons. Way to go, Beth!

  2. I wonder how Beth will do when she sees our pool. Can’t wait to see all of you. Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  3. I have a bad feeling about your pool Aunt Mary Ellen. But we’ll try it and see what happens. Worst case scenario is mom spends a whole lot of time playing with her!

  4. It sounds to me like Beth will like anything Alex is doing! Just keep encouraging her to go in the pool. She will probably love Aunt Mary Ellen’s pool.

    Love, Aunt Lynn