Big Day

Several weeks ago we talked to Barb and decided that we would send the kids to daycare yesterday even though we did not have to work. She said it was up to us, and she’d be happy to take them. This was before we found out that the 4th of July festivities in the park would be held on the 5th instead of the 4th. Once we found out, we decided to leave things the way they were. Eric and I took Jenna out for breakfast (since her mother picked her up at 10:30) and then went to a movie in the afternoon.

So Barb, her mother, her son Blake, and Blake’s father all took the kids to the 9am parade, during which they gathered enough candy for 20 children! Barb sent only half of it home and the bag was probably 6 inches in diameter. After that they headed into the park to take part in everything that was going on. Barb said they went home for lunch, but then went back. Alex was bummed because just as he was going over to go on one of the bounce houses, they closed it down. I don’t even know if Beth took a nap yesterday.

We had planned to pick up the kids at 4pm because the time of the BBQ @ Eric’s dad’s house had changed and we needed to get there sooner. But Eric forgot to tell Barb that in the morning, so when we showed up, no one was home! We went back home to get Barb’s cell phone number, called her and arranged to meet back at her place since they were still somewhere in the park. We picked up the kids at 4:30 and headed for my father-in-law’s.

We got there and had some food, again outside in the heat. We stayed there just under 2 hours because it was so hot! As a treat, we decided to hit the local custard stand because we’re not on that side of town very often. Beth ate 3 bites, Alex ate most of his, and Eric and I thoroughly enjoyed out sundaes.

Then we headed for home. Beth fell asleep on the way home. It was about 7:15, so not too much earlier than her bedtime anyway. Since she barely stirred when I got her out of the car seat, I decided not to try and change her diaper or clothes. Just took of her shoes and made sure there was a pacifier nearby in case she woke up. Fortunately she did not soak through her diaper by morning, in spite of the 2 1/2 glasses of milk she had at grandpa’s.

Alex was still up and active when we got home, but within about a half hour he was slowing down. He wanted to go to the fireworks, though, so we made no motions to put him to bed. I was planning to leave about 8:45 to walk a block down to a friend’s house to watch, since they were scheduled to start at 9:15. Alex fell asleep at 8:15 and did not wake up when I tried. So he missed them. He didn’t say anything this morning, so I’m hoping he’s not too bummed. He did not, however, get the chance to go potty before bed, so I was playing Russian Roulette with both children last night. Fortunately I got double-lucky: he was still dry in the morning, and he did not need any coaxing to get on that potty after I woke him up.

2 thoughts on “Big Day

  1. It does sound like fun. Happy 4th to all of you!

    Love, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lynn