More Miscellaneous Videos

More random videos:

04/04/2010 – A-A-Achoo!
04/24/2010 – Beth’s first steps in hard shoes
05/08/2010 – Alex on Balance Beam
05/08/2010 – Alex on Vault
05/14/2010 – Alex on Swing
05/15/2010 – Alex playing T-Ball in the backyard
05/17/2010 – Beth sliding by herself
05/20/2010 – Piggy Nose!

I’m having some issues with my player right now, so I think these videos are OK. Let me know if there’s no sound (which is the problem I’m having).

4 thoughts on “More Miscellaneous Videos

  1. Too cute! Beth has progressed on the slide, and we were both amazed to see Alex walking backward on the balance beam.

  2. I was rather amazed to see Alex on the balance beam myself. He was much more tentative when I was taking him to class. I actually have another video that I can’t post (because it’s sideways) of him walking forwards without any help.

  3. How cute! Alex is a natural on the balance beam! Somehow I must have missed the email about this post, I don’t remember it going up. Thanks for taking the time to put up video, it’s great to see the kids in all their cute glory.

  4. The one with alex on the swing is great! It’s hilarious when his little feet aren’t quite touching ground.