Changes, part 2

So two weekends ago Jenna moved back into her own, newly redecorated, bedroom. Thanks to my parents for all the work they put into repainting the walls and making new curtains. When I get a chance, I’ll post a picture. Jenna was very surprised and very happy to get her room back. Although we had settled into it, having Jenna in with Alex still had some problems (like when I needed clothes for him and she was still sleeping!) Mostly I think he had gotten away from crawling into bed with her at night, but he was still doing it occasionally.

The two little ones seem to be doing well together. The last time Beth cried in the middle of the night, Alex didn’t notice at all. Now the time Alex was whining at the door, that woke Beth up and then we had some problems, but that’s only happened once. Putting them together seems to have had some unintended bonuses, too. Beth usually wakes up first and the noise from her playing and turning on the music on her mobile usually at least partially wakes Alex up, so he’s not quite so difficult to wake up in the morning. Plus Alex seems to like her being there and he’s been super good about going to bed quietly after story-time in our bedroom. And he hasn’t asked once for us to sleep with him for a few minutes. And he no longer “needs” the light on anymore. I didn’t even have to take it away. I was afraid he’d turn it on in the middle of the night like he did the last time we tried to go light-less. But he hasn’t done it once.

The other real benefit is that when I leave Beth in her crib while I get Alex ready, she’s in the same room and doesn’t start crying anymore. That was always difficult, but having her trying to walk around in Alex’s room on her newly discovered walking legs while getting him ready was always too difficult to do because Alex was so hard to get up in the first place. (He takes after his mama) Now she can see us and interact with us and she’s happy.

3 thoughts on “Changes, part 2

  1. Glad the changes went so smoothly. Alex did seem to enjoy having Beth in there with him. Maybe because if he finds the Monster at the End of the Book, she can help him fight the monster.
    And I’m sure Jenna is enjoying being able to read in bed before she goes to sleep.

  2. I’m sure Jenna is enjoying not sharing a room with a person who just broke 3′ tall. Cute as he may be, that’s a pretty big age gap.