Good Night Mama

Almost every morning that I have to get Alex out of bed, he’s started playing a game with me. I say “Good Morning Alex” and he says “Good Night Mama” (indicating that he wants to stay in bed).This goes on for several rounds until I reply with “Good Night Alex”, at which point he starts giggling. Then I say “It’s morning-time.” to which he replies “It’s night-time”. A few rounds after we start that, I often open up the window shade to show him the sun and then we finally start getting ready for daycare.

6 thoughts on “Good Night Mama

  1. I can relate to that. Many times when I had to get up for work I wanted to stay in bed. Wait until Alex is a teenager. You will have to drag him out of bed.

  2. Next time he starts doing this, surprise him and immediately say good night Alex, kiss him and leave the room saying you are going to bed now. See what he does!

  3. When you get up at 6am, you have a good shot of getting up before they do. At least, in our house you do. 🙂 On the weekends, they are often up before us.