Entertaining Beth

I have overheard this conversation between Eric and Alex several times, plus heard about it when I got home:

Alex: “Daddy, can you come downstairs and play trains with me?”
Eric: “I can’t right now, Alex, I’m entertaining Beth.”

Alex then proceeds to bring Beth a huge pile of toys, and even sometimes plays with her for a couple of minutes. Then:

Alex: “Daddy, I brought Beth toys so she can play. Can you come downstairs and play trains now?”

It never actually works because I’m usually doing something so Eric needs to keep Beth out of my way, but Alex has done this four or five times now.

5 thoughts on “Entertaining Beth

  1. Such a good babysitter he will be. You could have 2 or 3 more children with no problem as long as Alex is around.

  2. When Beth is old enough he’ll start dragging her down to play trains instead.

  3. Sounds to me like his daddy is his favorite playmate at this time. He will one day become the protector of his little sister. Right now she is just in his way!

    Love, Aunt Lynn