Falling down x 4!

Beth had a rough evening last night. First she stepped off the sandbox, with three adults standing there, and bumped the back of her head on the wood. After dinner, she was in the living room with Alex and we don’t know if he bumped her or not, but suddenly there was a thud and she was crying. Not ten minutes later, she’s crying again because she was walking backwards, tripped, and banged her head into the corner of the doorway (I saw that one, but was a full room away). Ten minutes after that, she must have tripped in the kitchen because I found her face down, crying yet again.

And this was all in the course of about an hour! After that last fall, she curled up on me and wouldn’t let go. I cuddled her, sitting on the floor talking to mom, and then we suddenly realized she was asleep. We stayed there for 45 more minutes until I had to get up because everything was going numb from sitting on the floor so long in a slightly awkward position. She woke up when I moved and we tried to just put her to bed, but it didn’t work out. A little while later we gave her a bottle and then she finally settled down.

Eric remembers that Alex got clutsier when he got tired, so we suspect that fatigue may have played a contributing factor in last night’s events. But, oh man, we were exhausted by the time she went to bed after worrying about her falling so many times.

3 thoughts on “Falling down x 4!

  1. Glad she went to sleep for the night. Hope she woke up happier.

  2. Poor thing! Hopefully she doesn’t earn Frankenbaby status with stitches and staples anytime soon!

  3. I am sure it will be the first of many knocks on the head! Leigh is right, hope she doesn’t earn Frankenbaby status!

    Love, Aunt Lynn