Yesterday we went on our first bike ride as a family. We bought a used bike trailer when I was pregnant with the intentions of buying bikes for me and Eric in the spring. Then I found out you’re not supposed to put infants in a trailer until they are 12 months old because the ride is so bumpy. So we postponed until this year. In February, Eric and I went and bought our new bikes and this is the first time we took them out.

So after lunch we packed up the kids and went out. Eric got the joy of pulling the 70+ pounds of kids and trailer (Alex is ~33lbs, Beth almost 27, plus the trailer). We were gone about an hour and took a short break in the middle. The kids loved it. Towards the end, you could hear Beth making all sorts of noises in the trailer. Not “I’m annoyed and want out” noises, just “I’m experimenting with the aerodynamics” noises. We had hoped to make it to a park on the lake, but it turned out to be further away than I thought and we didn’t make it.

My hope is that we can get out at least once every weekend. It’s good exercise for us adults and it gets the kids out of the house, which we are typically really bad at doing. Alex gets out because he has Saturday morning tumbling class followed by playgroup, but Beth doesn’t get to go to playgroup anymore because she needs to nap right then. And then Sunday’s we rarely even leave the house.

5 thoughts on “Bicycling

  1. That sounds like fun! Exercise is great and the kids are getting fresh air.

  2. Lucky Eric with two kids and trailer to pull. Is this your way of getting even for carrying them (separately) for 9 months each? Sounds like a good family outing. Hope you can keep it going. Maybe Jenna will fit in the trailer with the other kids!

  3. I took the kids out myself tonight, just down to the baby park. I had to walk the bike up the hill coming back, where Eric managed to ride it on Sunday. Man, they are heavier than you would think! I’m sore tonight where the other day I wasn’t sore at all and we rode a heck of a lot further.