Difficult Diaper Changes, part II

Update on diaper-time: It’s still no fun. Granted, about half of his changes are OK, and they seem to go better on the changing table than on the floor, but Alex still does not like to lie still for diaper changes. Quite often, diaper-time consists of wrestling Alex to the floor, getting his pants off, and getting his diaper off, only to have him roll over and run away while you try to put the wet diaper where he’s not going to grab it. We keep a better grip on him when he’s poopy, but it still usually ends up with a cleaned-off bare butt running around the house, giggling. Unfortunately, he once ran off, ended up next to the couch, and peed on the carpet. Good thing we’re not attached to our carpet. I keep hoping he’ll settle down, but so far, no luck.

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