Changes (Updated)

Last night we moved Beth into Alex’s room. This did not go a smoothly as I had hoped. This meant changes to both kid’s routine, and it messed me up as well as Beth. Alex seems to take it mostly in stride, with only a little bit of whimpering when she started crying.

So I wanted to get rid of Beth’s nighttime bottle and I figured since routine was being messed up, I might as well do in in one fell swoop. Big mistake. Eric changed Beth while I changed Alex and got him on the potty. Then they both had a snack while I read books. 2 for Alex, 1 for Beth. Then I put them to bed. My mistake was totally forgetting to give Beth her pacifier. After 3 minutes of hard crying, we decided to give her a bottle after all. That’s when we realized I forgot the nuk. So Eric held her while Alex wandered around the house and I got the bottle ready. Eric fed her and I put Alex back to bed. When Beth was done, Eric put her in the crib, gave her the pacifier and we left. Let the crying commence. This was when Alex started whimpering. I popped my head in and told him that as long as he’s whimpering, she will keep crying. He stopped. She cried for about 10 minutes, then finally stopped.

Five minutes later she started up again. I went in to her because this pattern is usually indicative of a lost pacifier. Sure enough, she’s crying and the nuk is nowhere that I can find it. I grab a new one and pop it in her mouth. Then I get her calmed down and stay with her, not picking her up, for about 3 minutes. But when I left, she started crying again.

After another 10 minutes of crying, she finally stopped and went to sleep. I was exhausted when I went to bed.

And then Alex came into our room at 1am. Fortunately the sound of him opening and then closing his bedroom door did not wake up Beth. Alex slept with us the rest of the night because I when I asked him what he was doing, I got this unintelligible mumble and grunts in response. I was to tired to try and reason with him right then. Tonight when we put him to bed, he’ll be told that he has to stay in his room. This usually puts a stop to him coming to us in the middle of the night for at least a few weeks.

04/27/2010 Update:
Last night went well. We gave Beth her bottle while Alex had her snack. When it came time to put her in her crib, she started crying. But then I had Eric turn off the light, and when I put her down a second time, she didn’t fuss at all. Had to go in at 11:30pm to find the lost pacifier, but that wasn’t unusual before the room switch. She was playing quietly in her crib when I got out of the shower this morning, and was still quite content when I went to get her dressed. After yesterday, I expected last night to be rough, but it was a breeze. We’ll see if this keeps up.

04/30/2010 Update:
We’ve had no problems at all since that first night. Some nights we put Beth to bed first and we read Alex his book in our room. Beth is still getting her bottle, but due to a mix-up when I bought new liners, she’s been cut back from 8oz to 4oz. She protested at first, but now seems used to it. 46 more liners and we’ll try to wean her again… Or maybe a little sooner than that!

5 thoughts on “Changes (Updated)

  1. Well, at least Beth stayed in her room and slept. Of course, she’s still in a crib which probably helped. Good luck!

  2. Progress has been made. It should continue to get easier. Until they are both in beds and keep each other awake playing!

  3. No transition is easy on either the parent or the children. It is up to you and Eric to stay as strong as you can and know that all will go well eventually. Children know how to read their parents and can work them to their advantage. You are both wonderful parents and the children will do just fine. Hang in there.

    Love, Aunt Lynn and Uncle Jeff