So we went for a walk last night after dinner, all 4 of us. We started out from the house with Beth in the stroller and Alex riding his tricycle. 20 minutes later, I was pushing the stroller while dragging the tricycle. Alex walked ahead of me and Eric was walking with Beth behind me, keeping her from straying towards the pond. When I took Alex for stroller rides as a toddler, he never indicated that he wanted out. Beth definitely wanted out of that stroller, probably because she saw her brother walking ahead of us. Beth walked quite a ways around the pond. We eventually coaxed her back into the stroller when she seemed to be getting tired, and Alex rode his tricycle some more. Then Beth walked some more, rode some more, walked again. Overall, we were gone for over an hour and Beth probably covered at least half the distance on her own two feet. Alex didn’t want to come home, but it was already past bedtime for the two of them.

Overall, it was a nice relaxing evening.

2 thoughts on “Walking

  1. Sounds like the start of a great part of your life. Walking with the children not only gives you and Eric time to talk about how your day went but the children enjoy having some freedom outside of the home. Keep it up, it helps strenghten family values.

    Love, Aunt Lynn

  2. Thanks for the warning.. When we come up we will keep in mind that a walk may mean everyone walking, and dragging vehicles behind.