Miscellaneous Videos

I went through and organized all my movies today on my hard drive and I found some really cute ones. Since most of you haven’t been able to see them in the Photo Gallery, I thought I’d post them here instead:

04/22/2009 – Alex entertaining Beth
05/23/2009 – Alex counting to Beth
06/21/2009 – Beth does not like Aunt Leigh
06/21/2009 – Alex dancing
10/15/2009 – Beth’s first ride on Spring Horse
10/18/2009 – Peek-a-boo Beth
10/23/2009 – Merry Christmas, part 1
10/23/2009 – Merry Christmas, part 2
10/31/2009 – Beth likes chocolate
02/20/2010 – Beth likes music

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Videos

  1. Thanks for the year in retrospect! We enjoyed every minute of these videos. Especially, Beth doesn’t like Aunt Leigh! I had forgotten about that. Unbelievable how much they have both changed over this past year. Glad we have movies to remind us of how cute they were. You’ll especially need to watch them often during the teen years. It’ll remind you of why you let them live.

  2. I protest! If Daddy wasn’t stacking the deck against Aunt Leigh then the children would like her just fine. It’s a conspiracy.