Beth has started saying “Sure”. At least, from context we’re pretty sure that’s what she’s saying. It sounds rather odd coming from a 13 month old, but I think she’s picked it up from Alex.

Although I can’t currently think of other things she’s saying, Eric and I both agreed the other day that Beth is talking more than Alex did at this age. That’s not to say she’s a jabbermouth, but she does say a few things.

And she’s friendly. She was waving at a lady at another table at McDonald’s Tuesday night saying “Hi”. She always waves when she says “Hi” or “Bye”. It’s so cute. I’ll have to try and get video one of these days.

3 thoughts on “Sure

  1. She is definitely talking more than Alex at the same age. But remember, she’s a girl. Alex just wanted you to be grateful that he said anything. With her you’ll soon be grateful when she’s quiet.

  2. I think girls just like to talk more than boys do. I love it when they start to jabber. You will remember these moments more than the dull one! Let her talk to Alex. He will be the one who’s grateful when she’s quiet!

    Love, Aunt Lynn