Thank you for telling me…

Last night just as I was trying to get Alex to crawl into bed, he started stalling. Wanted to play with his truck (which I didn’t care, but I was leaving). No, he wanted Mama to stay.

I said “Alex, I have to go downstairs and clean the kitchen because Olya and the boys are coming over on Thursday”.
Alex: “Did you say Bill and Olya are coming?!!” He sat straight up in bed.
Me: “No, Bill isn’t coming. He’s staying home to play video games with Daddy. Olya is bringing Damien, Sergey, and Xavier to our house”
Alex: “I’m going to nap right now! Thank you mama, for telling me that Olya is coming. Thank you for telling me that Bill is not coming.”

At which point Alex laid right down to go to sleep.

I almost died laughing when I got out of there it was just such an absurd conversation!

2 thoughts on “Thank you for telling me…

  1. Art Linkletter ( a TV show host from a long time ago) once said “Kids say the darnest things”—Guess this just goes to prove that.