Go, Go, Go

Yesterday, Jenna was playing a game on the computer. Alex was watching her yelling, “Go, go, go” at her. Next thing I know, there’s Beth, standing next to Jenna and holding onto her chair, saying “Go, go, go”.

6 thoughts on “Go, Go, Go

  1. She will pick up a lot because of her siblings. Although that doesn’t seem to work for Reece (2 older siblings too). She just points and grunts. Somehow we always know what she wants but she refuses to talk. No is the only word that she does say and she uses an “m” instead of an “n” so it is so funny when she yells MO at you. We just laugh.

  2. Olya’s got 3 boys of her own. The first has a language disorder, so he was quite delayed, like Alex was, only slightly worse. Their second is a little jabbermouth, no problems there. Their third is 19 months old and doesn’t say anything that I know of other than yelling. Sometimes I think we should play dumb just to see if they can come up with the word they need instead of just figuring it out for them.

  3. Look out Jenna and Alex pretty soon she will be fighting for her chance on the computer! ha ha.

    Love, Aunt Lynn

  4. Go! Go! Go! Beth. Not only will she be fighting for her chance on the computer, she will be annoying both siblings when they are taking their turn. Time to buy another computer!