Walking (almost)

Beth is so close to walking we can taste it. You can see her hanging onto walls reaching out towards something and trying to decide if she can make it. Then she’ll stop, get down on the floor and crawl instead. She’ll walk very slowly if you hold at least one of her hands. But she’s become really quick on the crawling and has abandoned the Quasimodo crawl for a regular one. And if she sees the gate open, she’s on those stairs lickety split! Funny how she can get halfway up them when no one’s watching, but it takes her an eternity when you’re actually allowing her to crawl up just in front of her.

3 thoughts on “Walking (almost)

  1. Before you know it, you won’t even remember when she couldn’t walk! You go Beth! Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. Just a little more confidence and she’ll be under your feet in the kitchen and wanting to help make pancakes and muffins, too!