Another Potty Training update

I don’t know what happened, but after almost three weeks of almost no accidents, Alex suddenly regressed. Friday night he pooped in his underwear. Sat & Sun he did the same. We didn’t have any successful pooping in the potty all weekend.

Monday at daycare, he had another accident. Not only that, he asked Barb if she smelled something. When she said yes, he blamed it on Beth! So she changed Beth to find out it wasn’t Beth. It was Alex all along. Monday night I told him specifically at bedtime to try and go poopy. Nothing. Not five minutes later, he had pooped in his underwear and seemed to think it was a joke. I was really mad. I restrained myself from yelling at him, but did make it clear that mommy was not happy with him. He got no story that night, no hugs, no kisses, no “Goodnight”. I just got him dressed again and told him I was leaving because I was mad at him and he should finish his snack and go to bed. Hopefully now he realizes that it was not a joke.

Yesterday he didn’t poop at Barb’s and Eric did manage to get him to poop in the potty at bedtime. We’ll see if it gets better again, but right now I’m frustrated with him. After three good weeks, this was just too much!

6 thoughts on “Another Potty Training update

  1. Shannon, try not to get mad. He is still a baby. I remember when Nikki was 4, she regressed into peeing and pooping in her pants. It’s because she was too busy to stop and come inside to go to the bathroom. But Lanny stuck her bare butt in a corner in the kitchen a couple of times and that took care of that. I didn’t like it at the time but it did work. I’m sure this little relapse is just temporary. Maybe just praising the heck out of him when he does go and not actually punishing him when he slips up would work better. I’m no expert of course……Love ya. Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. Maybe it is time to stop giving him treats for going in the potty and giving him time out when he poops his pants. If he continues to poop in his pants he will not be allowed in pre-k.

  3. Yeah, I’ve been considering the time-out thing. We’ve been praising him to no end and giving him rewards for pooping in the potty. Not quite sure yet if the time-out thing is the right way to go, but this is getting ridiculous. I’m planning to give him until the weekend, and then if he has another accident, he’ll be told that next time he’s getting a time-out.

    We keep telling him that he won’t be able to go to school this fall if he’s still pooping in his underwear. Seems to make an impression at the time, but I guess not enough of an impression.

  4. We vote with Aunt Carole. You need to let him know there is no more fooling around about this.

  5. Shannon,

    It is very hard to follow everyone’s advise. You know in your heart what your child is capable of and how to handle each situation. These are all very good suggestions. I think children need guidelines and when you find the one that works, you will use it more. I have always said pick your battles wisely with your children. Just remember that he and Beth will get through Potty training and your will survive!

    My son Jeffery is having the same problem with Noah his stepson. He is stubborn and does the same thing Alex is doing. Aunt Carole is right about the fact regarding pre-k. They can refuse to admit your child to pre-k if he is still in diapers.

    Love, Aunt Lynn